Choose Your Mesothelioma Doctor

One of the most important concerns is finding doctor who you can trust. You will want to evaluate the doctor's expertise while also getting comfortable with the head of a team charged with trying to save your life. Here are some questions to ask:

How many cases of mesothelioma has this doctor treated in his or her career? Have any of these cases been recent?
What types of mesothelioma does this doctor treat? Has he or she managed any cases of my particular subtype?
What treatments does this doctor typically use to treat mesothelioma?
Is this doctor prepared to treat my cancer if it spreads to other parts of my body?
Does this doctor support any supplemental types of therapy in addition to direct medical intervention?
Does the facility this doctor is associated with offer access to any clinical trials? Can the doctor help me sign up for any that I might qualify for?
There are also some broad considerations that you should discuss with a potential doctor to make sure that the physician will be a good fit for you. These questions include:
How many years has this doctor been practicing?
Do I want this doctor to make decisions for me or simply offer me options?
Will this doctor respect my choices and address all of my concerns?
Can I openly communicate with this doctor?
Does this doctor accept my insurance?
Is it easy to travel to this facility for all of my appointments?